G L A S S   A N D   M O R E
Ferro/YAROS MURANO Venetian Art Glass
iridescent lemon/white swirl Centre Bowl
- signed on bottom Yalos Murano (9 1/4"
high x 14" wide)

.......... $350.00
c. 1970 large chunky dimpled VASELINE Art
glass centre bowl (13" long x 5 1/4" high) -
Murano / Chalet?

.......... $ 250.00
LARGE vintage 50s-60's AVEM Tutti Frutti
(zanfirico) vase by AVEM of Murano. This
vase has a green interior. The outer layer
has inclusions of various murrines and
canes.  Arte Vetraria Muranese (AVEM)
was founded in 1932 by several
glassblowers.  Some early designs were
created by the renowned painter Vittori
Zecchin.  AVEM are probably best known
today for their very popular "TUTTI FRUTTI"
range of bowls and vases from the 1950s.  
(Possibly Fratelli Torso)

.......... $ 695.00
c.1890 Impressive
VICTORIAN Cranberry Glass
(Jack-in-the-Pulpit) floor
Vase or single Epergne  
with hand painted gilt
highlights on an Ornate
Embossed Brass/Bronze
Lamp Base/Pedestal with
winged griffins (Vase, 34
1/2" tall - total height 44
1/2" tall).  Cranberry glass
(or Gold Ruby glass as it is
known in Europe) is a red
glass made by adding
gold(III) chloride to the
molten glass.  Cranberry
glass is made in craft
production rather than in
large quantities, due to the
high cost of the gold and
the delicate mixing process
required. The gold chloride
is made by dissolving gold
in a solution of nitric acid
and hydrochloric acid (aqua
regia), producing a colloid.
The glass is typically hand
blown or molded. The
finished, hardened glass is
a type of colloid, a solid
phase (gold) dispersed
inside another solid phase

..... $ 4000.00
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