Covered Sauce Dish from Marie Antoinette line - dated 1794
SEVRES hard paste porcelain covered 'Sauce Dish' reputedly from a dinner
service made for Marie Antoinette which was purchased by Gouverneur
Morris after her death - Blue interlaced L's enclosing date letter RR for (for
1794 , unauthorized) - painter/decorator RC (Mlle. Rosalie Chappuis) -
provenance available - verbal appraisal $8000.00 (April 20, 2013) Peter
Blundell A.A. - 8" long X 5 1/4" wide X 3 1/2" high.  Couple of fleabite nicks
and minor gold loss.  (*Excerpt - The New CHAFFERS Marks and
Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain - by:  WILLIAM CHAFFERS, Edited by:  
Frederick Litchfield (London, Reeves and Turner 1912 , 13th Edition).  There
was for some time a difference of opinion about the use of the letter J, both
double and single, a well-known authority, M. Garnier, having omitted this
letter from his list of marks, while Mr. Chaffers included it.  The Editor's
personal knowledge caused him to confirm Mr. Chaffers' contention, and
this inclusion brought the end of the Royal period to P.P 1793.  The
researches of MM.Chavagnac et de Grollier now fully confirm this, and acting
on their authority the Editor has now omitted the double letters QQ and RR
1794, 1795, believing that although some very few examples may be extant
bearing such date marks, they are the result of accident, as according to the
official letter fully quoted in the Histoire des Manufactures Francaises de
Porcelain, referred to above, the official date for the alteration of the mark
was July 17, 1793.  King Louis XVI was executed on 21st January 1793, and
on 17th July of that year Minister of Interior addressed an official letter to M.
Regnier, the director of the Sevres factory, ordering him with as little delay as
possible to obliterate the double L, and to alter the mark.
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