All clocks are guaranteed to work, all are in great shape and condition ... They go in to be serviced when necessary and have had a collection for over 18 years
pocket watch holder
with pocket watch
c. 1930 Walnut Longcase double-weight
Grandfather Clock on short Cabriole Legs
with large Brass numerals (Berlin, Ontario)
..... $3500.00
c. 1890 modified Grandfather Clock
(German movement / Scottish case) by
JAMES GIBB, Strathhaven, Lanarckshire,
SCOTLAND  ..... $
Vintage hand-made Grandfather
Clock Pocket Watch Holder With
Waltham pocket watch - works
great and wonderful  condition
must see ..... $675.00
c. 1900 (turn of the century) Mahogany
cased Grandmother Clock ..... $
c.1930 Grandaughter Clock (or Bracket
Clock on Stand) with Barley Twist Columns
and detailed beading on Face and detailed
Carving on Pedestal Base (movement
marked Made in England - Face marked
Foreign) ..... $795.00
(1847-1926) Vienna
Regulator (54" long).  
Gustav Becker was one of
the better German
clockmakers from the mid
to late 19th century.  
Becker was born in 1819
and trained as a
clockmaker in Germany
and Austria. He opened
his workshops in Freiburg,
Silesia, Germany in 1850.  
Germany has never
lacked for skilled carvers
and the talent of the
region’s artisans is
evidenced in the Becker
clock cases.  Gustav
Becker clocks are known
for their quality
workmanship and the
Becker name on a clock
will make it more valuable
than lesser-known maker’
s clocks of similar quality
......  $ 2795.00
c. 1970 Jauch (firm) - (Erhard or
Heinz) located in Schwenningen
- triple chime, weight driven
Regulator Wall Clock with open
escapement, soft enamel face in
ornate casing with 1/2 Barley twist
- plays Wittington, St. Michaels and
Westminster chimes (48" long)
..... $3195.00
Key wind mechanical working Brass BRID
CAGE Clock (6" high) ..... $170.00
c. 1940 Dutch Oak Cased Schippertje Wall
Clock with brass musical Angels and Atlas
figures .....  $895.00
c. 1880 (cast) Brass figural Mantle Clock by
The JENNINGS Brothers Mfg. Co.,
Bridgeport, Conn. U.S.A - (Brothers Edward
and Erwin Jennings started work in 1890
and finished in 1953)  ..... $450.00
c. 1950 medium figural (oak) 8-day
ZAANDAM Wall Clock with brass
mounts .....  $ 395.00
Clock with Second Hand Dial and Music Box
Alarm ..... $ 125.00
c. 1900 Brass ART
NOUVEAU Dresser Clock -
Made in USA - (Patd Dates
Oct 28/1902 , Oct 8/1907 ,
Dec 15/1908) ..... $195.00
c. 1910 Art Deco Brass/Cast Brass-spelter
Figural table Clock with girl and mandolin in
Alcove - Austria .....  $ 325.00
Vintage Dutch WUBA WARMINK double
weight friese wall clock complete with
moon phase.   (After 75 years in business
and craftsmanship dating back to the 17th
century, Warmink Uhren (WUBA CLOCKS)
of Almalo, The Netherlands has closed their
doors forever) ..... $525.00
c. 1900 NEW HAVEN gilded
Boudoir/dresser Clock - Made by
the New Haven Clock Company,
New Haven Conneticuit (11 1/4"
high) ..... $ 345.00
c. 1950 small figural 8-day ZAANDAM Wall
Clock with brass mounts  -
Made in Holland ..... $300.00
c. 1890 NEW HAVEN
(movement) elaborately
carved detailed
wall/regulator clock with
turned columns and
cylidrical pendulum
..... $ 495.00
c. 1910 spelter/Brass gilded
Cherub/putti Dresser Clock -
Made in USA (12" high) ... $325.00
c. 1960 U-BUILD Enterprises
GRANDMOTHER CLOCK (pattern No. 320)
with SMITHS, Made in Great Britain
Westminster movement (6' tall)  comes
with all instructions ..... $ 595.00
c. 1970 E. SCHMECKENBECHER ornate Wall
Clock with porcelain dial and matching
porcelain pendulum,
- Made in W. Germany ..... $450.00
c. 1880 A.D. Mougin Deux Medailles Mantle Clock made of solid black slate and
decorated with marble inlays (which is rarely seen in slate cases), brsss cherub/putti
pediment plaque, open escapement dial.  The Duex Medailles and star are Mougin's
trademarks that symbolize two medals he won from exhibitions during his career prior
to 1900. A.D. Mougin was a well known French clock maker who was located at Rue de
Turenne 75 Paris in 1870.  Dimensions:  17 1/2" long x 19" high x 6" deep (70 lbs)

..... $2500.00
Vintage PETER silver-tone ALARM CLOCK -
used - made in Germany (working) ..... $ 55.00
c. 1900 French/English Bracket Clock
purchased in Holland,
(John Smith, London) .....  $700.00
c. 1920 Brass coil-strike Clock (France)
with 'simulated' Mercury Pendulum -
(model 5495?) - matched numbered pieces
on face and case (20) ..... $ 895.00
c. 1900 German Wall Clock in
large nicely turned Walnut Case
with highly ornate carved top
pediment - strikes on half and full
hours - fully restored mechanism

.....   $800.00
Huge Zanndam clockc. 1950s
..... $ 595.00
Dutch Zaandam dual weight wall
clock w/open cast brass figural
mounts (serviced 2001-10-27)
.....      $ 675.00
1970 wall small regulator
clock  .....  $ 85.00
1940s  walnut wood coil strike
mantle clock .....  $ 225.00
c. 1903-1906 SESSIONS key-wind Regulator
wall clock in Oak Case ..... $ 795.00